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Ergo consulting has helped hundreds of organisations see a brighter future and assisted them to prepare for it. We believe that one of the reasons for this is that we bring both "hands on" experience of operational and strategic management and academic rigour to our work. We only employ first-class experienced consultants who demonstrate a track record that combines management experience and sound academic or research performance.

As a result we:

  • Deliver clear, evidence-based reports

  • Identify organisational strengths and weaknesses

  • Make proposals that relate to findings

  • Consider and report a range of potential solutions that are properly researched

  • Provide clear recommendations

  • Describe implementation plans that work in the real world

  • Support implementation and development

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You can review how we have helped hundreds of clients deliver better services here, or we can arrange to analyse any issues you are currently facing and provide you with a full Ergo Options Report - all free of charge. Contact us.

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