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Communications Strategy

Our consultants can work with you to develop a communications strategy for your organisation that ‘brings your people with you’ through changes or development.

We can make sure our work links internal and external communications, advertising, marketing, consultation, stakeholder engagement and PR.


Internal and external stakeholders understand strategic and operational objectives and the role that they can play in delivery.

An independently developed communications strategy can bring wider buy-in from your employee base: there’s no agenda to push.


Working with part of the European Union, our consultants developed an internal communications strategy for this organisation that operates in three official languages and has staff from over 20 different countries


Managing communications

Communication tools in place for improved:

§         Written Communications (print or electronic)

§         Newsletters

§         E-mail Campaigns

§         Intranet

§         Information Management

§         Communications Training

§         E-mail Strategy 

§         Meeting Management

§         Redundancy/Termination Communications

§         Crisis Communications

Employees know the organisation's objectives and how they can contribute towards them

A seamless flow from management objectives through internal communications onto external marketing, advertising and PR Staff who can effectively and efficiently receive and provide key information.

 Distribution of the knowledge that exists in pockets throughout the organisation to everyone who needs to know’


We managed the communications department of a major regional transport authority.