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Ergo - Ethical Commitment to our clients

We work closely with you to agree an initial workplan that will best serve your needs, and which will specify the range of research tools and interventions required.

All our projects are managed and led by one of our directors. In most projects one or more of the directors will also undertake the majority of the work themselves with some limited and occasional support from experienced associates and back-office staff.

In all cases our approach is based on these principles:

Commitment - Ergo is genuinely enthusiastic about improving the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations in order to achieve improved outcomes for service users, customers and stakeholders

Equity - Ergo is committed to helping you reduce inequalities. We recognise that this entails understanding working in partnership with diverse communities. Indeed, we specialise in working in respectful and culturally appropriate ways with excluded or marginalised groups

Relationship management - At Ergo we like surprises and enjoy wrestling with the challenges that they entail. However, in our experience, our clients prefer to know what is coming. We always work collaboratively keeping you informed of what we are thinking and why, and what we need to do together to succeed.

Collaboration - Ergo understand the importance of joint working and partnership development, and strives to maintain good and productive relations with all stakeholders

Flexibility - Ergo does not just provide a report and leave you to implement its recommendations (unless of course this is what you want). We are often engaged to manage or support implementation plans following on from our initial consultation

Tailored solutions - At Ergo we don't offer off-the-peg solutions, because our experience is that every organisation or partnership is different. Our solutions will be absolutely geared towards the needs of your organisation. Ergo's work will be realistic, rounded, innovative and creative

Innovation - Ergo is committed to best practice and believe in applying innovative solutions, whether devised in the public sector or elsewhere

Evidence - Ergo uses it! We understand that for the best results different kinds of evidence needs to be balanced and blended. We are expert at combining and triangulating existing and newly gathered local data with Governmental guidance and relevant academic research. We are skilled in bringing together quantitative and qualitative findings

Sensitivity - Ergo is not afraid to ask awkward questions (for example about failing services) if we think doing so is necessary, but we try to do so sensitively and in a constructive spirit. This means we are properly rigorous but mindful that our work has an impact on people's lives and livelihoods

Quality Assurance - Ergo uses a full set of quality checks to ensure that we handle the evidence rigorously, and produce findings and conclusions that are robust, clearly expressed and actionable: We are open to suggestions and constructive criticism, and we solicit this through:

  • internal peer review
  • regular research reviews with the commissioner and other stakeholders
  • formal feedback from clients at the end of each project.

Ethical practice - we understand the importance of protecting the confidentiality of clients, customers, service users and other stakeholders, and protecting the security of sensitive information. We have a strong commitment to ensuring that our research is ethical and based on professional standards of conduct upheld by professional organisations such as the British Psychological Society, the British Sociological Association, and the British Association of Social Workers.

Ergo has Public Liability cover of £ 5 million and Professional Indemnity Insurance of £ 500,000.

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