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Staff Involvement Programme

Ergo has run integrated involvement programmes bringing together employee surveys, to involve every member of staff in identifying issues and implementing solutions based on hard data.

We bring together key business tools — strategic plans, staff surveys and team building techniques — involving everyone to be permanently better.

  • Staff surveys with hard data on what staff are thinking, feeling and most importantly, doing
  • Staff development for organisation-wide problem solving
  • Coaching on project and programme management
  • Team building events
  • Mid-year staff survey update
  • Organisation-wide event reviewing successes and building commitment for next year's delivery
  • Detailed reports on problems solved, and recommendations for you to take forward
  • A fully integrated staff involvement programme that you can adapt and use year after year.

We have designed numerousf staff-based surveys involving teams right across our client organisations.

Uniquely, for one major public sector agency, Ergo was involved not only in identifying the issues, but in agreeing solutions and implementing them with our client's staff base.

Training and Facilitation

We develop and provide training that is specifically designed to help organisations implement strategic recommendations.

As such, we do not offer off-the-shelf training packages that we believe have limited value, but will always customise training and facilitation to the specific requirements of each agency involved.

We are skilled at training impact evaluation.

Long-term success is dependent upon the maintenance of skilled and well-motivated managers and staff.

The training we offer directly supports the strategic and operational frameworks.

Our consultants have delivered and trained other consultants on individual and group-based management training to enhance personal and organisational effectiveness.

We have delivered facilitation in the private sector and developed tailored consultancy PCT's, Government departments, international NGO's and voluntary organisations.

Mentoring and Coaching

We recognise that skills development requires more than just the right guidance and training.

We follow up much of our strategic consultancy by offering direct hands-on assistance to organisations’ employees to help them implement new or unfamiliar strategic or operational objectives, and, in the process, develop confidence.

Increases in the personal effectiveness motivation and competence of staff. 

In addition, these approaches can reduce sickness levels, and work-related stress and staff turnover.

Strategic interventions are properly and sustainably implemented.

We have delivered coaching and mentoring for individual managers in many organisations on data systems development, questionnaire design and staff appraisal and supervision systems.


Selection & Recruitment

We can work with or without your own HR specialists and possess experience of a range of selection methods.

We can offer consultants ratified by the BPS with Class A & B Certificates of Competence in Psychometric Testing, and we have designed assessment centre programmes.


Recruiting the right people first time.

We have designed person specifications, core competencies and job description matrices for two inner London Councils.  Subsequently, we delivered two major recruitment events and recruited a total of 60 professional social work staff and 15 second and third tier managers.