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Product Benefits for Client

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Project Management

We clarify key objectives and consequent performance milestones with the client.

We define each process, detailing key inputs and outputs together with the roles and responsibilities in managing a project.

We divide each project into manageable and measurable stages so that we can maintain cost effective and efficient control of resources.

We provide project sponsors with regular progress monitoring through reports, meetings and other communications throughout the project as well as providing a ”lessons learned” /future implications report at the end of each project.

We can deploy a range of recognised project management frameworks such as PRINCE2.

Each project is directly linked to a clearly defined business case, with demonstrable business outcomes. Our focus is always on delivering tangible measurable results.

We increase capacity and capability.

Working for one the largest London Councils our consultants managed a team of social workers, lawyers and managers to manage services to asylum seekers, illegal entrants into the UK and overstayers. 

Through the careful application of project management techniques we saved the Council 75% of the expenditure devoted to this client group.

Interim Management

We provide ad hoc interim management or follow on after strategic recommendations.

We differ from other consultancies in that we are able to follow on with interim management after a strategic consultancy to help you manage change

We always add value by offering strategic insights arising from our long experience as strategy consultants.


Immediate insertion of competent staff to ensure that business units continue to run effectively during key absences.

Access to specialist skills that you may only need in-house for a short period.

You receive operational management underpinned by strategic experience and expertise.

Working for one the largest public sector organisations in London, our consultants managed a team of communications experts, while developing a new business strategy and designing a staff team to meet these new requirements. Our consultant even handled recruitment of his successor before running a handover and coaching programme for the new appointee.

We have been able to offer a long-term consultancy to a Social Services department which has blended strategic consultancy and interim management.

Performance monitoring and data capture

Effective performance management requires functional performance monitoring.

We clarify what data the client needs and how it will be used, and analyse existing data sets and data systems to see if they are fit for purpose.

We are specialists in providing in-depth support to ensure that data collection and handling systems, and data analysis and reporting systems are functional and efficient.

We also follow through by verifying the workings of the data system in practice and rectifying any deficits

We design data sets and data systems that are meaningful to staff, and collect the minimum necessary information for effective performance monitoring.

Key personnel involved in data collection understand the importance of robust data and have the capability to feed functional data to decision-makers

We have developed data systems for Neighbourhood Renewal Partnerships, Drug Action Teams, and PCTs.