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Strategic review and development

Ergo specialises in strategic review and development and have experience of delivering needs assessments, benchmarking, best value reviews, cost analysis and budget planning, and full-scale management reviews.

We provide end-to-end consultancy with the express intention of helping organisations to change and develop in ways that are meaningful and productive to the organisation. To us, end-to-end consultancy means that we don't just collect data provide reports and make recommendations and disappear. We also help you develop and implement recommendations, evaluate their impact and provide an exit strategy to enable you and your staff to continue developing.

During our consultancy we use our experience of delivering a range of interventions including policy and literature reviews, stakeholder and user consultation and evaluations of performance management systems, through to strategic commissioning. However, we not believe that "one size fits all" and each client or organisation requires different things. Part of our expertise is in helping you to select the type of consultancy that is most appropriate for you and your organisation.

You can see our full set of strategic review and development tools here.

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